Monday, 14 June 2010


Baking. I love baking!

I learnt to cook from a young age. With 2 Grandmothers and a father who all worked within the catering trade I guess it was inevitable that I would have an interest. I think cooking is an important skill to have. Saving money (I often cook up enough of a certain meal for 3/4 people and then freeze half for my daughter and I to have at a later date), and when you cook from scratch you're more aware of what you're putting in to your body.

I'm 2 weeks shy of 26 now, it always shocks me when people of my age say they can't cook! I know that people are into baking a lot more these days as fairycakes appear to be "fashionable" these days, but SO many people don't seem to know the first thing about cooking a meal from scratch. I had a friend around for tea recently who was shocked that the Quorn Toad In The Hole that was on the table had been made from scratch. It's hardly rocket science to me. Cook sausages, make up pancake batter, pour on top, slap in the oven and wait. But it's apparently a dying art.

No suprise when you see frozen mashed potato for sale in the grocery store. Talk about the height of laziness!!!

I get irritating comments from people about how I'm a "good little housewife" and will make someone a "good wife" one of these days. Urgh. How insulting! I cook, knit, sew and craft for my own pleasure. Not because I want to attract a mate. I'm very happily single. No matter how few people believe me. I was in a long term relationship for almost 5 years, and the crap I put up with has put me off relationships for a while yet. But why because I'm female, is it assumed that things I do are for the benefit of, or to attract, men? You wouldn't go and ask a male chef if he's in the kitchen until he finds a wife would you?

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