Thursday, 17 June 2010


Today the post gods were benevolent towards me. I recieved Issues 4 & 5 of Fight Boredom from Hello Amber which I prompty sat down and pored over. I feel really positive after reading them, and I want to get out and do so much stuff. I also recieved a package from a penpal in America, and a postcard from Postcrossing. Fabulous post day!

There's now 10 days to my birthday which sounds so strange, since it still doesn't feel as though New Year was all that long ago. I still don't have plans for my day, it's a sunday, and if it's a sunny day I might take cakes down to the paddock or the grange for a picnic. I don't feel as though I'm in my mid 20s. It's strange. 3.20pm yesterday was 10 years from the moment I left secondary school, but parts of me still feel as though I belong there.

I saw my Grandmother in hospital yesterday. I'm glad to see that she's getting better. My Aunty had said they were half expecting to be telling everyone that she had died. Nan is 76, but she's announced that she reckons she'll have another 20 or so years "left in her" which made me think hard. I'm 10 days shy of 26 and I have 75 of my grandparents around (Well, tenchnically 50% as my grandad is my stepgrandad, but I've never known anyone else... so it's 75%)... I went to school with quite a few people who had no grandparents by the time they had turned 11. I have more Grandparents alive than Abbie. She just has my Dad, the one grandparent. But then of course, 3 Great-grandparents. I lost my last Great-grandparent age 15, in April of 2000, and if my Nan's prediction is right then Abbie will be my age when she loses that particular great-grandparent, and I will be 46 when my Nan dies... Isn't that quite something? There is longevity through my family, something that thrills me. I look forward to having a long and eventful life.

There are too many things around for me to allow myself to get bored. Even something as simple as enjoying a half hour of a TV show I like, it's fun, I'm enjoying myself, and refusing to let feelings of boredom in. I've taken to going around with notebooks in my bag just so I can write lists, write anything really.

I hope anyone who is reading has a fucking beautiful day. I'm sure you're a wonderful human being, and you'll surely deserve it.

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